PRIORI Mineral Powder Finishing Touch 12g

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PRIORI Mineral Powder Finishing Touch (12g) is ideal for setting minerals for the day with a flattering, softening effect on imperfections.

Mineral Skincare is clinically proven to improve skin conditions (uneven skin tones, fine lines/wrinkles, acne/ rosacea) while providing flawless coverage since they double as foundation, making them a natural addition to your skincare routine.

Mineral Skincare offers three functions in one simple loose mineral formulation:


Sunscreen SPF 25 Broad Spectrum immediate upon application


Age Defying Skincare Benefits long-term results


Foundation Coverage instant gratification

    Key Ingredients
    Botanical Complex™
    Broad Spectrum
    Antioxidant Blend
    Micronized Zinc Oxide & Micronized Titanium Dioxide
    Broad spectrum non-chemical, sunscreens

    Application Tips

    • Place a small amount of PRIORI Finishing Touch into the lid; gently circle the powder brush around the lid and remove any excess.
    • Apply lightly around the face, working inwards towards the nose for a perfected finish.
    • Use PRIORI Mineral Powder Brush to apply Finishing Touch.